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"Hi George! Enjoy DC, despite all the socialists there. Come back safely!
John Keilly"
John Keilly   December 18th, 2013
"George Paul has been doing a great!!job cutting my hair, although over the 32 years there has been less for him to cut. You can always count on being greeted with a hug and a warm smile when arriving."
Paul Marek   April 16th, 2013
"Your the best since 1972"
Richard Mozham   February 26th, 2013
"George is the BEST! I have been going to him for over 20 years. He's very customer driven and will go out of his way for his clients -- always on time appointments!! never wait! I retired and moved away from the Dearborn area and stopped going for awhile due to the drive but came back! Can't find anyone better :)"
Linda Fischer   January 22nd, 2013
"I miss you and thank you for all you have done for me!!!!
Love and Kisses"
Lisa Baynai   November 22nd, 2012
"George is a Magician! No matter how you look going in, you come out transformed for the better! That's been my experience for the past 30 plus years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
George Misakian   September 15th, 2012
"George has been cutting my hair for, well, since I can remember, so about 34 years now. I´ve never seen George without a smile on his face, and his smile is an infectious one. My brothers and I all have sat on the same booster board for hair cuts. Now I have a niece and nephew that sit on that same board today. George you make us look our best, and feel like a million bucks. The hair style I currently sport is simple, but nobody can make it look as neat as George. I trust George to make me look my best, I just sit back and let him do his thing. George enjoys what he does and it´s obvious, when he is done I have no need to look that close in the mirror to inspect, but he insists on it, probably to revel in feedback. For me it´s not just about a great hair cut, it´s the experience I have when I see George. He is a genuine person down to his core, and the friendship we have developed over the years is invaluable to me. I have been other places over the years. There was a time when I was \"to busy to make an appointment\", or just was curious on a recommendation, but I ended up back with George for mainly 2 reasons. He is truly the best at his craft, and I just plain missed him. George, please don´t ever retire."
John Saad   January 14th, 2012
"George has been cutting my husband's hair for years and my kid's hair since they're first haircut. He has great patience and does a wonderful job. We love you George!! Thank you for all you do.
Renee Bergeron"
Renee Bergeron   July 13th, 2012
"George has been cutting my hair for nearly 10 years and he'll be the only one cutting it until he decides to hang up the clippers or it all falls out! George you are the best at what you do and a dear friend."
Scott Langohr   October 12th, 2011
"Oh,where do I begin George has done mine and my wifes hair for the past 50 years and in that time we meet many outstanding people in his chair, from movie stars, a billionaire, judges, mayors, Ford Vice Presidents and some of the nicest people you would enjoy chatting with. I always felt like I was special when I was in his chair and when I got out of it... I looked special. My wife felt that George made her look many years younger with his Up-to-date cut and color. Compliments are the norm after a visit to George Paul Salon. See you there!"
Ken Wiktor   August 06th, 2011
"Hi George, Your web site is great. See you Thursday.
Margaret & Sally Ann"
Sally Ann Amadio   January 03rd, 2010
"Hi George, Thanks for all the great haircuts."
Don Chisholm   December 29th, 2009